Bigfoot Footage

We are collecting the most encouraging bigfoot footage here for you to view. This footage comes from all across North America, and we invite readers to make up their own mind which is authentic bigfoot footage. This story tells of an Arizona farmer who says he – get this – shot a Bigfoot, in the hot Arizona sun, nearly 20 years ago. An emotional story. A full-time Bigfoot investigator says it’s possible. Interesting old pictures of ape-like images from the area, DNA, Bigfoot sounds, and a possible sighting when they return to the area. This footage is real quick – as it was shot by a passing helicopter – but it was real enough to spook the camera man, pilot, and another passenger on the day.

There’s something strange about this footage – notice just before he walks in front of the tree – which may be due to the footage being artificially colorized. It is a pity for credible Bigfoot research that this wasn’t left intact.

This is a montage of some of the more famous images, put to possible Bigfoot sounds. Much of it is featured on our earlier page and dismissed as fake – others we are trying to track down the true source to see if what appears to be realistic images are backed up with the evidence behind the photo. In Bigfoot studies, it is often things like who took the footage, when, if they have a history of preious interest in the area (low credibility), or if the incident was a shock to them (higher credibility). We also check out details like if there were other sightings in the area, folklore, and if local native American tribes have any history of similar phenomena in these regions, which all go to making a more convincing case.

The most respected footage for a while now – from Manitoba, Canada, in 2005

There is a lot of other film out there, and we are currently in the process of sorting, assessing, and getting ready to present the best of it. Until then, look around – as there are some amazing clips on the internet, much of it credible. We will present the best of it in the coming weeks.