Fake and Real Bigfoot Photos

Bigfoot Footage

This site is to get out there the real Bigfoot photos there are out there, and to get them to the general public’s attention. If Bigfoot is out there, we need the best knowledge to understand who this creature is, to find and to protect him. First we need to find the real evidence from the fake. At RealBigfootPhotos.com we receive accept photos and footage from Bigfoot hunters across North America. We share these alongside historic footage to determine this elusive creature’s true nature. Bigfoot photos divided into highly possible, under examination, and fake categories, with help from our readers. Do you have any information to add to these pictures?

1. Stretching Bigfoot

Under Examination. While the Bigfoot seems of credible proportions (neither human nor bear like), there are problems with this image. The small image supplied is of a bear, to show the gait and leg length are not like the type of animal usually mistaken for Bigfoot. But why is the bear photographed exactly in the same position? Note the shape of the twigs and tree trunk.

2. Heat Image Bigfoot

Fake. Whilst this image has been used as “evidence” of Bigfoot, it has been discovered as the product of a completely unrelated project – the figure is merely a man with his features changed into a “creature like” form due to the escapin gheat patterns.

3. Bending Large Necked Bigfoot

Under Examination. There have been persuasive arguments both for and against this as a Bigfoot. Opponents suggest it is a large male gorilla, proponents say that it is highly likely that Bigfoot derives from the ape family, and similarities with African gorillas are to be expected.

4. The Archetypal 1967 Patterson Bigfoot Movie

Fake. Unfortunately for those undertaking serious hunts for a Bigfoot, this archetypal image of Bigfoot was proven fake, when the man inside this gorilla suit came out and described the process involved in its creation. Documentary footage and modern techniques had “found” proof of moving lips and eyelids, supposingly proving the head could not be a mask. Other researchers attempted to recreate the walk of the creature using actors, and found that it was impossible. It is thought that the grainy, 1960’s film used to shoot this footage assisted in altering the speed of the man, amplifying the effect of this hoax.

5. Bigfoot Skeleton

Fake. This still is from a film shoot, despite claims on the internet.

6. Swamp Bigfoot

Highly Possible. Whilst the image is difficult to see, the claims come from a highly respected source in the local community, with no previous connection to Bigfoot and in an area not expected to be used for fakes (damp, swampy ground). Figure in question marked here with an arrow.

7. Oklahoma “Boggy Bottom” Monster

Under Examination. These Bigfoot pics, taken in southeast Oklahoma by a local store owner using game cameras, are often used by those coming in for, and against, these images as a true Bigfoot. Against this image is the differences between the images – it certainly looks bear like in this image, however thereis also reliable independent witness accounts (an elderly woman, with experience of bears and hospitalized by anxiety at the creature she saw), children, and other townspeople, to back up this claim as a true ape-like creature.

8. The So-Called “Our” Bigfoot

Fake. The owners of the top image (the title comes from the website they have used to capitalize on their find) claimed they took these images near Delroy in Ohio in 2002. He claims that he and his sons were chased by the creature, who also threw stones. Analysis of the image via zooming (the second image) shows a very ordinary gorilla mask – the most common and simplistic tool in a hoaxer’s arsenal.

9. Bigfoot in a Refrigerator

Fake. Amongst great fanfare, the people who ‘found’ this bigfoot in Northern Georgia held a press conference in Palo Alto, saying they had the remains of Bigfoot in a refrigerator, thawed after previously being frozen. It was under armed guard, and it would be given over to DNA and other tests. Unfortunately, the same people were also reported as known hoaxers, and others said it was a ploy to sell their Bigfoot tours and other deals (why would you unfreeze it?). Not surprisingly, the DNA match to an ape creature came back negative.

10. Currently Being Investigated We are currently investigating the following pictures and stories. Please leave a comment if you have any opinions or extra information.